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Eco-Friendly in Israel

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One of the hardest things to find is a good eco-friendly tooth paste. Of course, that's no excuse to keep on buying plastic tubes packaged in boxes. I found a solution (a much cheaper one as well for that matter). I make my own, just what I like to do. The recipe I found is quite good and uses ingredients that you most likely have at home. If you don't like the salty taste from the baking soda, you could add a few drops of stevia to sweeten it up. But it works, it is healthy for your teeth and gums and it gives you a fresh breath. Here is the recipe:

Baking Soda Tooth Paste

4 tablespoon baking soda

4 tablespoon coconut oil

20 drops of peppermint essential oil, (can be replaced with any other essential oil for a different taste).

Mix all ingredients together. I made mine in a recycled glass jar.

This is why it works:

Coconut oil, which has natural antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties. Coconut oil fights the fungal infection caused by Candida albicans. It also protects the teeth against cavities and is readily available. Coconut oil (76 oC) forms the base of many homemade toothpastes.

The alkaline nature of baking soda neutralizes the pH of the oral cavity. It also has mild abrasive properties to remove stains from teeth.

I was researching the topic of oral hygine and found an interesting fact that my kids will like. Cocoa powder contains antibacterial agents and can fight plaque. It can function as an abrasive and has been shown to remineralize teeth better than fluoride. I still didn't have a chance to try this but I will let you know how when I create a chocolate flavored tooth paste :-)

Another product we need for oral hygiene is a good mouth wash. This mouth wash will keep bacteria away, help fight cavities and give you fresh breath. Here is the recipe that I use.

Natural mouth wash

1 cup purified water

2 drops tea tree essential oil

4 drops peppermint essential oil

2 teaspoons baking soda

Add all of your ingredients to a glass bottle and give it a good shake. Use twice a day, in the morning and at night, after brushing your teeth. (Shake well before use) While the essential oils inhibit bacteria, it’s better to be safe than sorry and make a fresh batch every week.

It goes without saying that we switched to bamboo tooth brushes. I am still in search of a good eco-friendly tooth floss. I know they exist but I was hoping to find something in my area. Will update you all when I do. Enjoy trying these recipes and let me know what you think!

This week has been particularly cold and tomorrow the temperatures are supposed to drop to about 1 degrees Celsius. That is cold for Israel! So let me tell you a little bit about yurt living in Israel in the winter. We are basically living in a tent, although a very cozy, warm, big round tent.

We built our yurt about 6 years ago and planned to use it as a guest house. As the family grew we needed the extra space and joined our yurt to the house by building a hallway from the back of the house. Now the yurt is our bedroom. We love being close to nature and one of the major benefits to living in a yurt is just that, being close to nature yet very safe and protected from the elements. We can lie in bed and look at the stars on a clear night and we hear the birds tweeting in the morning, just like camping.

We use air conditioning to warm up the yurt, it warms up quickly and in the summer it cools down quickly. In the winter when the days are sunny, we don't even need the a/c at all but when temperatures drop at night, it is certainly necessary.

We have found so far one downside to living in a yurt and that is the lack of sound proofing, the rain is very loud and the sound of the wind can be even worse. Not to mention the limited sound proofing from our side outwards. Our kids aren't exactly the calm, quiet types, especially the little ones in the morning. Thankfully our neighbors have been very kind and have never complained about the noise.

All in all it's a unique living space. The round room is wonderful and good for air flow and I believe having no corners really gives good energy to the space. The kids seem to be drawn to the room like magnets and to my husband and I it is our favorite place for our morning coffee and our evening tea .😉

A few days ago while food shopping, my kids were begging me to get them fresh coconuts. I am very happy to

buy them coconuts as long as someone else is in charge of opening it. My 8 year old son took on the challenge and did a great job, I couldn’t have done it better myself. He started by drilling a hole at the top and somehow cracked it open by sticking a knife into the hole and using a hammer to break it in two. The coconut was delicious and now we’re left with these beautiful natural bowls. In the meantime they are great snack bowls but I started thinking of other ways we could reuse these coconut shells.

Here are some ideas we came up with, including some brilliant ideas we got by asking the question on a facebook.

1. To use as a soap dish

2. Drill holes around the top and hang it as a bird feeder

3. Make into a plant pot

4. Make a candle in it. This sounds great, just worried about the safety (I will test it)

5. Use as a tea candle holder

6. Pet food bowl

7. If you have the tools, the shell can be cut into pieces (nice shapes), painted and made into jewelry or buttons

Hope this gave you a little inspiration, I'd love to hear what you did with your coconut shells.